Student leaders from the Binghamton City School District represented the Liberty Partnerships Program at the 2018 Youth in Government day in Albany, NY.  Students first visited Albany Law School where they toured the campus, attended a lecture and reviewed a case about property rights.  This visit gave them the opportunity to engage with other Upward Bound and Albany Law School students and professors.

Students also toured the Capitol Building and learned about its history. They met with Senator Akshar and Assemblyman Crouch, Friend, and Lupardo where they engaged in discussion regarding their advocacy, the Liberty Partnerships Program and the legislative support.  Students were brought on the Assembly floor where they got to witness our government in-action during a vote.  Assemblywoman Lupardo then gave the students a personalized tour of the Capitol, taking them to the Senate Chambers floor, the War Room and the Governors Red Room.  While exploring the Hall of Governors, the students witnessed a lobbying demonstration.  Upon returning to school, students shared their experience with their history teachers and engaged in class discussion.

We are grateful to our legislative leaders for restoring Liberty Partnerships funding to level support for the upcoming 2018-2019 year.