Liberty students from Union-Endicott High School, along with one engaged parent leader, were selected to represent the Binghamton University Liberty Partnerships Program at this year’s Empire Promise Youth Summit.

The 14th Annual Empire Promise Youth Summit, titled “The Promise That Connects Us,” brought together ninth through 12th grade students, community, education, business and industry stakeholders and higher education institutions to develop strategies that prepare students for the workforce and post-secondary education.

The Empire Summit presents the healthy development of youth as an integral part of the long-term strategy for New York State’s economic growth. It promotes creating deliberate pathways to higher education and employing graduates in high-need careers in New York State. The objective of Empire Promise is to improve strategies and resources that strengthen pre-K-20 education outcomes and address New York’s current and future workforce.

Guiding Principles of the Empire Promise Initiative

  1. New York’s Higher Education community will implement shared, statewide visions to provide powerful and systemic support to New York’s economic and social agenda.
  2. Students attending New York public and non-public schools will complete postsecondary education in New York, or return to New York after completing their studies elsewhere, if they develop a personal commitment to invest in New York’s advancement.

 The Empire Promise program will prepare LPP students for employment in New York that address both trends and shortages in the workforce.

 Statewide recruitment and admissions programs will offer pathways to colleges and universities that offer LPP programs and services.

 Scholarship programs will be available for graduating LPP students pursuing higher-level education and pathways into entry-level careers.