Year/Grade They Started Liberty: 2014, 10th Grade

Year Graduated: 2016

Where Are They Now: Working for the state of New York as a DDSCA-1, supervising both males and females with mental disabilities in a secure facility ensuring their safety and the safety of the people around them, while teaching them everyday tools to live an independent lifestyle.

“Liberty Partnerships shaped me into the positive person I am today. LP taught me that it’s the little things that can change someone’s life, like painting a mural in the Saratoga Housing complex; bringing light to the community and making people smile as they walk past it. The same goes for the clothing drive we did. It was nothing for us to take the time out to do things like this, but it meant the world to others and it made an impact bettering our community. LP helped me a lot in the classroom because as a role model for my community, I wanted to set a great example for the kids that looked up to me.”